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by TheLibraMudra
Were you chill? Were you bridezilla? Did you allow family to have any influence? Big wedding? Little wedding? You know what? I can't treetrunking do this. Elopement? Most likely.
by idlehands
I've been talking to a Leo girl for about a year. We instantly hit it off as friends and slowly developed feelings for each other over time. We are not officially dating nor have we many any promises to each other about anything because we both agreed tha
by Lindaaaatje LOL
by Foreverloveme
For those who describe Capricorns as being boring, what do you consider fun? I travel, I've done roller coasters, para-sailing, rode on the back of a motorcycle, concerts, festivals, movies, dinner, bars/clubs, sporting events, horseback riding, sex ou
by Instantkarma
What do you do to get someone's attention? When you haven't been introduced nor interacted with them. Yet. Do you use your Body language like lets say sexy walk, hair flip, sensual touches, eye contacts, etc,... Or do you introduce yourself as soon as p
by RiverLee
Mercury is the sign of thinking and communication, that's a pretty important aspect of ones personality but I don't see it mentioned much on the boards. Specifically I'd like to hear from any one with a water Mercury, especially Pisces. This is suppos
by virgowithasoul
Here? I've been tagged previously but how do I trace the tags?
by lisabethur8
was kind of shocked, but it's on the cover news. I remember he is Cap sun/Libra moon. what's her sign? they had many residences since then

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Musings for what my claws couldn't reach🦀

Musings for what my claws couldn't reach🦀

The wind brings me your voice and smile, Spring makes brighter your glances and lips, Walk slowly around the sky like you're a fairy, I hear your name in the wind, I guess I see you. Like a dream, You walk away… While I follow you with the wind. I

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This just in at CNN, the terrorist was screaming “allah ackbar” and “This is for ISIS.” 0bama appointed government agents are stumped as to a motive, but they suspect it has something to do with Donald Trump and lack of gay marriage.
Oh, fuck you, you intellectually dishonest lightweight. Mein Kampf was preferred by big government-shacking National Socialists, and since you are a big government-shackling socialist, it would be on your bed before it was on mine, stupid.
Thats how it all calling...the lies..the propaganda...the brainwash off illiterate people...burning books...and out of nowhere you realise you have a copy of "Mein Kampf" next to your bed.
The UK money has been freed away from the shackles of the EU, shitbag. The UK can do whatever they want with it now, besides put it into a damn EU slush fund to be wasted on God knows what.
I love how she just says in his face..."but that was a huge part of your Propaganda"
I've been having so many fucking breakthroughs this week. I am seriously onto something big. IT'S TIME TO HEAL!!!!
How do you guys see the Newest Messages on front page? by order of new Topic? or new Message?
A cur and a fighter are not the same, A cur is a quitter but a fighter is game.
What the fuckity fuck